Swan Creek Explorer Tour Boat Ride

Some pics from an August 2006 boat ride, which was a $5 pontoon boat ride up and down Swan Creek in the Warehouse District and then out into the Maumee River from the MLK bridge to the Anthony Wayne bridge and then back to the Erie Street Market.

It was unfortunately an extremely hazy day, which makes for lousy picture-taking conditions. It's like the sky doesn't exist in these pics.

And I hopped onto the boat as it was pulling away from the dock, so I was too late to sit in the front row, which is why many pics contain headshots of other people. It just means I will have to take the boat ride again this summer.

The boat ride leaves from the dock, located next to the parking lot in back of the ESM where the farmers market is held. It's a 45 minute boat ride. The Captain gives some history of the area.

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